About Me and My Blog

AssalamAleikum (Peace and Blessings be upon you)

About Me :
I am an Indian by birth and Canadian by nationality. Just like Canada, my family is a colorful mosaic and includes my husband who was born in Nigeria, my elder daughter and son who were born in the US and my younger daughter who was born in Canada. We now call Houston , Tx home.

With an MBA in Marketing and HR, I run an online store for leather goods. I also like to juggle lots of other things such as volunteering for community and social justice organizations  and doing freelance writing but my kids and home remain my utmost priority. My three kids aged 16, 13 and 5 are the center of my universe. I believe that food is one of Allah’s (God’s) greatest niyamahs (blessings) and is pivotal for a healthy and happy family .

About this blog : 
I used to post pictures of my culinary creations on my Facebook profile and they were quite appreciated by my friends and even complete strangers. My husband suggested that I should start a blog. I was highly skeptical of the idea since I was (and still am) a novice cook. However, he persisted and some of my friends also suggested the same. I decided to give it a try as a way of storing all my tried and trusted recipes online . Just a couple of months down the road I was hooked onto blogging. Along with recipes I also started doing restaurant, cookbook , product and food related event reviews. During the past twelve years I have learnt a lot and made a lot of foodie friends .

About the recipes:
I love trying out recipes from different cuisines but very often I tweak them to suit my Indian taste buds. My husband has a sweet tooth , so you can expect lots of desserts here. I also have a special interest in cake decorating.
I’m in no way an expert cook and with three kids who have a penchant for throwing tantrums right at that very critical moment when the rice is boiling or the cake is burning, I mostly choose quick and simple recipes.

In accordance with my faith (Islam) I use only halal ingredients which means you won’t find any recipes with pork, alcohol etc. The ingredients mentioned in the recipes are those that are easily available here in North America. However, some of them may not be available in other countries. In that case please feel free to ask me for possible substitutes. However, since I myself have not tested the recipes with substitutes, the results might not be exactly the same.


All information, text and images n this blog are copyrighted by My Culinary Adventures.  Please Do Not Copy content or use for commercial purposes without my permission.

Your feedback:
I hope you enjoy the recipes/reviews and give me your valuable inputs. Please let me know your feedback, suggestions or queries by leaving a comment here or on my Facebook page. You can also email me on sadaf_afshan@yahoo.com.  I would love to hear from you.
If you happen to try any of the recipes on my blog and would like to share it, please email me a photo of your dish and your comments. I will be glad to feature it on my blog . You can also post the photo on my Facebook page Sadaf’s Culinary Adventures.

Thanks for stopping by.