Hayat Café Houston: Restaurant Review

We had heard about some interesting specialties at Hayat Cafe but were a bit skeptical about visiting it. We were not sure if it is a family-friendly restaurant since it has a hookah bar and also a poker club right next to it. However, last Sunday we decided to check out the place .


There were some families with young kids in the indoor seating area which has a distinct Mediterranean feel. They also have a covered patio besides the main restaurant as well as an open area in front of the restaurant. I liked the indoor ambiance but since my daughter didn’t like the hookah smell we chose the front open area which didn’t have any other patrons that day.


We tried their Salt Baked Whole Chicken which is one of their specialties. It comes with a choice of 3 sides, pita bread and rice. For sides we chose Labni, Hummus and Fries.

Chicken was juicy and so tender that it was literally falling off the bone. It was topped off with a tomato based sauce which was the main flavoring. At $27.99 plus tax it was a pretty good deal as the combo was enough for our family of 5 (2 adults , 2 kids and a toddler).

The unique presentation was the main charm of the dish, rather than its flavor. Did we enjoy it ? Yes. Would we order it again ? Probably not.

Customer Service

Our server was courteous and friendly . He did tell us that the dish would take 25-30 minutes but we were prepared to wait.

Overall, it was a good experience but with so many wonderful Mediterranean options in Houston I am not sure if we would be returning again sometime soon.

Address: Hayat Café Houston

9099 Westheimer Rd STE M, Houston, TX 77063

Hours:  11 am -2AM

Phone: (832) 426-4756

Have you visited Hayat Cafe Houston ? What was your experience like ? Please let me and my readers know in the comments section below.

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