Easy DIY Dessert Table – White, Gold and Green Theme

I loved doing themed parties for my daughters when they were little . After the birth of my son and launch of my leather goods venture ZINT life got really busy. Even though I often host dinner parties I hardly find time for planning kids’ parties.

A few days ago it was my niece’s birthday and we had a small family dinner at my place. I decided to put together a small dessert / treats table . Since I had to make a few time consuming dishes for dinner, I decided to go for mostly store bought treats instead of making everything from scratch.

I mostly used items lying around the house for making the backdrop as well as setting up the dessert table. Here is a step by step guide on how I made this white, gold and green dessert/treats table.

Easy DIY Dessert Table For Small Party – Step by Step Video

Make the backdrop

Take a clothing rack which can fit behind your table. It is OK if the length of the rack is a bit smaller than that of the table as the balloons will fill up the gap.

Put white net curtains on the rack. My curtains were a bit long but it didn’t bother me as they wouldn’t show behind the table.

Stick some fake leaf vines on top of the curtains with clear tape. You can find these leaf vines on Amazon. Place rack behind your table.

Balloon Garland

I bought a white and gold balloon garland/arch kit from Amazon and used my electric pump to blow them up. The balloon kit came with a plastic tying tool but I found it quicker to tie using my fingers. My fingers were sore at the end though 🙂 . I added some extra confetti balloons which were leftover from our Welcome Ramadan party After tying the balloons attach them to the transparent strip provided in the kit. Simply slide each balloon into the big hole and pull towards the smaller hole to secure. Repeat for all balloons.

Attach balloon garland to backdrop

Attach the balloon garland to the backdrop with matching strings or clear tape to make an arch. Attach the fake tropical leaves in the balloon kit with the help of glue (also included in the kit.)

Set the table

Spread a golden plastic table cover and a green runner . Place cake stand in the middle along with gold charger plates and other gold/white accessories and serving ware.

I used my green and gold hijab (scarf) as a table runner. The gold charger plates are from Dollar Tree. Apart from the gold basket I also used an apothecary jar filled with white shells (not in pic) to hold marshmallow pops. Try to use serving ware of different heights instead of laying everything flat on the table.

For accessories I used a small crystal and gold carriage, potted plant, clear vase with water beads and tea ligh(not in this pic)t, LED lights (not in this pic).

Add Desserts

Since I had to make a couple of time consuming dishes for dinner, I had to rely on mostly store bought desserts for the table this time. Here are the different desserts that I had:

  • Bundt Cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes – I added some gold and green sprinkles on the cake to match the theme
  • Marshmallow Pops – To make marshmallow pops simply stick each marshmallow into a candy/cake pop stick . Dip into melted chocolate and add green and gold sprinkles. Use a styrofoam block to dry them. I used halal Campfire Giant Roasters Marshmallows for making these Marshmallow Pops. However, next time I would prefer using the regular sized ones as it was too much sugar for kids to consume in one go.
  • Kalakand – I used my easy peasy Microwave Kalakand recipe for the adults in the group who prefer Indian mithai (sweets) over cake and other treats. I served them in green and white cupcake liners.
  • Jello Shots – I used shot glasses for making individual servings of halal banana (green) and mango (golden yellow) flavored jello.
  • White Chocolate covered oreos and pretzels – I found these at Walmart and served them in gold charger plates.

Light up the candles and LED lights and you are all set for the party !

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