Slime and Chocolate Party

My younger daughter is crazy about slime. The craze started a couple of years ago but unlike other interests of hers, this one refuses to die down. She spends hours watching Slime ASMR videos, spends all her gift cards buying slime ingredients and has probably mastered every kind of slime that’s out there.

Slime Party Ideas

When she recently finished reading her Quran I was wracking my brain on a fun theme for her Quran completion party. We were looking at an age group of 6-13 years which included both boys and girls. We have already done themes like arts and crafts, baking, cupcake decorating in the past plus we needed something that would appeal to all kids of both genders. That’s when we thought of having a Slime party because it’s not just my daughter but most kids in that age group who are into slime . We added chocolate to the theme because well, which kid doesn’t like chocolate.

Slime Party Ideas

Party Decor

I searched online for Slime themed decor but could not find much. There were a few printable templates but I didn’t want to shell a large amount for downloading and printing them.

We decided to have a simple yet colorful polka dots and stripes theme.
We found a colorful flag banner on which we spelled out “SLIME TIME’ with letter cutouts which were leftover from the girls’Science Fair projects.

I purchased colorful disposable table covers for the slime table as well as my kitchen counters since kids can get quite messy with chocolate fountains too.

I found disposable polka dot plates, cups and napkins at Walmart. We added some colorful balloons and pom pom garlands for a cheerful setup.

Slime Ingredients

Slime Supplies

We bought enough supplies for at least two gallons of slime but ended up making just one gallon which was more than enough for 15 kids. Each kid got to take home at least 2 8 oz containers of slime .

For making a gallon of Fluffy Slime we used the following supplies:

  • Shaving Foam – 2 11 oz containers
  • Borax mixed with water ( Activator)
  • Mix ins such as glitter, foam beads, sequins, charms etc. – We ordered this JoyJoz Slime Supplies Kit from Amazon which contained all of these.
  • Large Plastic Tub, Disposable bowls and Spoons, Large Wooden Spoon, Paper Towels
Slime Party Ideas

Mess free Slime

I had requested all Moms to send the kids in casual clothes which they wouldn’t mind getting dirty.

Our initial plan was to have the entire Slime mixing process in the backyard but since the weather was quite unpredictable we set up all the supplies on my kitchen table which is placed right besides the backyard door. I covered my table with a clear heavy duty plastic table cover and then with a colorful disposable table cover for easy clean up.

The weather looked good when everyone arrived so we moved the supplies to the backyard. However, as soon as the basic slime was made it started drizzling. Thankfully, the majority of the messy work was done. I kept lots of paper towels handy and requested kids to use the backyard tap as far as possible.

The kids moved inside the kitchen to customize their slime. Each kid took out some slime in a disposable bowl and added mix ins such as instant snow, food coloring, glitter, sequins etc. They packed their finished slime in plastic containers.

Slime Party Ideas

Since the rest of my house has wooden flooring and carpet it was best to have the entire activity in the kitchen since the tiles could be cleaned easily in case of a spill.

I did get some stains on my kitchen rugs which I should have removed before the party but thankfully they came off after washing.

Slime Party Ideas


The chocolate fountain was the centerpiece when it came to food. I used a Nostalgia 4 Tier Chocolate Fountain to which I added Wilton Chocolate Wafers . These chocolate wafers are made specially for chocolate fountains which means that there is no need to add any oil to ensure that chocolate flows smoothly. We kept washed and dried strawberries, pineapple cubes and marshmallows to dip in chocolate with the help of skewers.

Apart from the chocolate fountain I kept a very simple, kid-friendly menu which included pizza, chicken tenders, cupcakes and juice.

Chocolate Fountain for Kids party

Party Favors

I printed some colorful wrappers for Hershey Chocolate bars using this customizable template from Piggy Bank Parties. The polka dot wrappers said ‘Hope you had a Slime-tastic time’ .

We also printed some stickers for the slime containers which said ‘Thanks for coming to my party’ .

The kids could not get enough of slime but after more than an hour of slime making and another 30 minutes or so of food I engaged them in some party games like Hot Potato for which we had prizes. When we were done with a few rounds of games many of the kids went back to making more containers of slime while waiting for their parents to pick them up.

It seriously baffles me sometimes as to how something as simple as slime has caught the imagination of so many kids. Needless to say, the kids had a slime-tastic time!

Do your kids like slime? Please let me know in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. However, as always all views and opinions are mine.

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