Welcome Ramadan Party For Girl Scouts

My younger daughter is part of a Girl Scout troop (Multi-Level Brownie and Daisy Troop) at our local masjid (mosque). Last night I had the pleasure of hosting a ‘Welcome Ramadan’ party for her troop at my home.

Black, White and Gold Ramadan decor on mantelpiece for our Welcome Ramadan Party

I chose a black, white and gold theme for the party. I also added some twinkling Ramadan lights gifted to me by my sister in law who owns Muslimzon.

Ramadan lights for our Welcome Ramadan party
Black and Gold Ramadan Mubarak Balloons and banner for our Welcome Ramadan party

In fact most of the decor that I used for the party were gifted to me by Farah including banners, balloons and wooden Ramadan Mubarak sign adorning my mantelpiece.

Ramadan Crescent Moons and Star lights

There were 25 girls in the age group of 5-10 years along with 15 Moms. We had the event just a couple of days before the start of Ramadan to get the girls excited for the blessed month.

Welcome Ramadan party
Some glimpses of our Welcome Ramadan party

You can download the free printable for the Ramadan Countdown calendar here. Just frame it and use a dry erase marker to change the days everyday.

Mock Iftar

The girls kept a ‘practice/mini fast’ for a few hours. They broke their ‘fast’ with dates which was followed by Maghrib salah (Islamic prayer at sunset)and then full fledged iftar/dinner .

Welcome Ramadan Party Decor
Dates for iftar

All the Moms brought yummy dishes for the little ones which they devoured after their ‘fast’. There was pizza (the eternal kid favorite), biryani (the eternal adult favorite), pasta, salads, chicken strips, sandwiches, kababs, kheer, cheesecake and more, not to forget cupcakes and cookies.

Welcome ramadan party for kids
Girls praying salah and having fun at the party

Art and Craft Station

I had set up 3 Art and Craft stations around the house. Our troop leader had ordered these Ramadan themed wooden pieces for the girls from Eidway. which they painted with acrylic paint.

Ramadan arts and crafts
Art & Craft Station

They also made art on canvases with stencils. I made sure to cover all tables with disposable table covers matching the theme of the party because arts and crafts can get really messy.

The girls were also given aprons to protect their pretty party dresses.

Ramadan arts and crafts for kids

Cupcake & Cookie Decorating

The girls welcomed Ramadan with some sweet treats at their Cupcake & Cookie Decorating stations . I had baked some chocolate cupcakes the night before the party so that they would be ready for them to decorate. I filled disposable piping bags fitted with Wilton tip 1M which I bought in bulk from Amazon.

Black and Gold Cupcake Decorating Station for Welcome Ramadan party

I doubled my trusted recipe of Hershey’s Perfectly Chocolate Chocolate cake to make around 55 cupcakes. I tripled my recipe of American buttercream and used 3 cups of butter with 12 cups of icing sugar (!) because kids always tend to go overboard with frosting and sprinkles. I was proven right because at the end they used up almost all the frosting and 2 big packs of sprinkles.

My cookie stencils and Islamic shaped cookie cutters made the task of baking and decorating cookies a breeze. You can download a free printable of the ‘Let’s Decorate Cupcakes’ sign here.

It required a lot of willpower on part of the girls to resist eating their decorated cupcakes and cookies until maghrib time.

Ramadan cookies and cupcakes

Girl Scout Patches

Girls received Ramadan as well as Cupcake Decorating patches to put on their vests along with candy in their favor boxes.

Ramadan patches for Muslim Girl Scouts
Girl Scout Patches

Alhamdulillah, our Welcome Ramadan party was a success thanks to all the Moms who helped out with the party. We hope we managed to get the girls excited for the blessed month so that they can reap it’s benefits.

Here’s wishing all of you Ramadan Mubarak! Please check out my Recipe Index for Ramadan recipes and tips .

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