Jade Ly Asian Bistro : Restaurant Review

Update 08/29/2018: They no longer sell pork !

Last Sunday it was late last night and we still couldn’t decide upon a restaurant when I remembered Jade Ly Asian Bistro. The place is quite close to our home in Sugarland, TX and I had recently been seeing lots of scrumptious posts by Hassan Studios  who are the official marketing partners for the restaurant.

We had tried their food last January when they had just started serving halal and loved it. Later we learnt that they had reintroduced a couple of their popular pork items on the menu. However, Br. Hassan of Hassan Studio convinced us that the pork items were coked in separate utensils in a separate area. I must admit that I was still a bit hesitant because even though my family and I occasionally eat veggie options at popular pizza/fast food joints (with special instructions on handling), I usually believe in supporting all halal places. Nevertheless, we went ahead and visited Jade Ly and didn’t regret it.

The hard working owner Fennie Chen introduced us to her equally hard working and talented husband who is the chef . We all had a lengthy discussion on their decision to introduce halal food keeping in view the Muslim community in Sugar Land.

She told us that they had taken off their popular Pork Fried Rice and Pork Chops from the menu for a while which irked their old customers. Then they invested a significant amount to purchase new utensils and equipment to prepare their pork items separately.

Fennie said that if they start getting a sizable number of customers from the Muslim community they would like to remove the pork items and go completely halal. Last Ramadan they even got dates for their Muslim customers to break their fast. My husband mentioned the community iftars at our neighboring Maryam Islamic Center and they said they would love to get an opportunity to cater iftar at neighboring mosques.

Halal Chicken Lo Mein at Jade Ly Asian Bistro in Sugar Land, TX

We ordered our usual Chinese favorites – Chicken Corn Soup, General Tso Chicken, Lo Mein and my kids’ favorite Orange Chicken. Everything was delicious, especially with their homemade Hot sauce.

Service was quick and courteous. The place is cozy and clean with a casual ambience.

Halal Orange Chicken at Jade Ly Asian Bistro

I wish the owners all the best in their journey and would like to thank them for serving the Muslim community in SugarLand, TX.

Please share your review in the comment section if you have visited Jade Ly Asian Bistro in Sugar Land, Tx.

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One thought on “Jade Ly Asian Bistro : Restaurant Review

  1. Asalam u alaikum
    I was just googling Chinese restaurants in sugar land and found your blog, and thanks to you found a new door open for me and family to the world of halal cuisines. So jazakallah khair. Also enjoyed reading about you, I am also from Canada, born in Pakistan, raised in Canada, moved to Chicago 10 years back after getting married and just 3 years back moved to sugarland. Miss Canada especially in winters, I crave for coffees and cinnamon and ginger flavored stuff. If you can please suggest some good place where I can get this i would appreciate it. Dont know much about the city yet, still very new. Anyways, jazakallah khair again and all the very best.

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