Date Cake: Guest Post for Yummy Food

Every year during Ramadan my blogger friend Lubna Karim of Yummy Food hosts Joy from Fasting to Feasting where she invites Muslim food bloggers from all over the world to share their Ramadan recipes on her blog.

During previous years I have submitted my recipes for Chicken Hand Pies and Minced Meat and Egg Croquettes for the event. This year when I received an invitation from Lubna to be a part of this exciting event I decided to share my Date Cake recipe .

Date Cake recipe for Ramadan


It is widely known that dates are the Sunnah way of breaking the fast. However, there are many of us who forget that they are recommended for suhoor too in many ahadith. Dates are packed with dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. They give an instant energy boost too.

My family loves munching dates throughout the year, not just in Ramadan. I also like to incorporate them in smoothies and baked goods. This Date Cake recipe is one such recipe which I got from my sister in law. It has been popular in my family for quite some time. I find the recipe a bit different from usual cake or quick bread recipes since it does not involve creaming the butter and sugar or mixing the ingredients one by one. All ingredients are combined together and beaten. The only change that I have made to the original recipe is that I have reduced the number of dates slightly since my husband found it a bit too sweet. I also like to add chopped nuts to it sometimes.

I find it to be a quick and easy recipe to make when I have some extra dates lying in the fridge during Ramadan. It’s a nice treat to have during those late night after-taraweeh cravings. Even though it looks humble it makes a delicious hostess gift when you are invited for iftar gatherings and don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen to whip up a homemade treat.

I would like to thank Lubna for giving me the chance to be a part of this event once again. Please head over to Lubna’s blog for the Date Cake recipe.

Joy from Fasting to Feasting Ramadan recipes event


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