Au Revoir Toronto! Hola Houston!

Moving from Toronto to Houston

When I first landed in Canada I never imagined it would become home in a matter of few years. The feeling didn’t sink in even when I took oath as a Canadian citizen, inwardly smiling at the irony of rejoicing over freedom from British rule until a few years ago to rejoicing after swearing allegiance to the Queen.

Now, a few years later it’s a strange feeling as I pack my bags to leave Canada. I will always be thankful to Allah Subhan WaTa’ala for each and every moment spent in this beautiful country among beautiful people.

Goodbyes are never easy. I’ll miss my wonderful friends who became more like family, my Canadian blogging circle, my Quran circle, my creative women entrepreneur circle.

I’ll miss the diversity, tolerance and acceptance of my fellow countrymen.

I’ll miss the majesty of Niagara Falls, the dazzling lights of Yonge Street, the old world charm of Streetsville, the quaintness of Port Credit, the familiar surroundings of  Square One.

I’ll miss the plethora of halal eateries, the shawarmas at Osmows, the kababs at Bamiyan, the desserts at Demetre, the Kashmiri chai and chat at Gerrard.

I’ll miss the snow (and complains about it!), the colors of fall, the excitement of spring and the much awaited summers which passed by in a jiffy.

Yet, I make the big move with a conviction that Allah SWT will make it easy for me and He has  better plans in store for me, Insha’Allah. I am moving to Houston- the place where I spent 1.5 years as a new bride, the place where my elder daughter was born, the place where we have been spending our vacations every year with my husband’s family.

Please remember me in your duas. (prayers). You will always be in mine.

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