10 Ramadan Hostess Gift Ideas

Have you been invited to an iftar party and are wondering what to take for your gracious hostess who has worked hard to arrange a delicious meal for you?

Before you think of stopping by at a grocery store on your way to the party to pick up yet another cake or a bunch of flowers read on for some gift ideas that your hostess will truly appreciate, Insha’Allah.

Remember, giving and accepting gifts is a Sunnah . Also, don’t forget to make dua for your hosts while breaking your fast.

Homemade Goodies

It’s not uncommon to take a homemade dish, usually dessert, to be served at the gathering even if it’s not a potluck. Everyone appreciates the effort behind a homemade treat. However, it’s always a good idea to ask the hostess beforehand. In many cases the hostess has her entire menu planned out before sending out  invitations. I often see multiple people turning up with desserts in addition to the desserts prepared by the hostess herself which leads to tons of leftovers that go waste.

If your hostess would like you to bring dessert for the guests, you might want to check out quick recipes like this Shortcut Strawberry Trifle or Easy Pineapple Mousse so that you don’t end up spending too much time in the kitchen during Ramadan.

Another option is to take some homemade treats which the hosts can enjoy themselves after the party is over. Check out my recipes for Eggless Cardamom Cookies and Melting Moments. You can pack them in a cute keepsake container.

Cardamom Cookies as Ramadan Hostess Gift

Store-Bought Edible Treats

If for any reason I have to opt for a last minute store-bought edible treat I always go in for something non-perishable or frozen. In many cases there are lots of leftovers after a party which is why I prefer giving something which can be enjoyed a few days after the party is over.

If you don’t want to go in for a run-of-the mill treat like a box of chocolates or frozen dessert check out this Date and Nut Platter from MK Gifts and Favors – perfect for Ramadan. Insha’Allah, you will be rewarded every time your hosts break their fasts with the dates gifted by you.

Date and Nut Platter as Ramadan Hostess Gift

Coffee/Tea Mugs

Know a tea or coffee addict? These mugs from Hafsa Creates will make a great gift for her. You can pair them up with some gourmet coffee and/or chocolates. You can even get them personalized with the recipient’s name or a custom message and add a handmade Ramadan card from the same store.

Personalized Mugs as Ramadan Hostess Gift

Hijab Pin Cushions

If your hostess wears the hijab she will love these hijab pin cushions from arRawdah Jewels . They will help her to keep all her hijab pins organised. You can also add some pretty hijab pins from the same store.

Hijab Pin Cushion as Ramadan Hostess Gift


Any hijabi would love to receive some pretty hijabs to add to her collection. Check out some gorgeous hijabs from Kashkha available at Kaamilah Online.

Kashkha Hijabs as Ramadan Hostess Gifts


Islamic Wall Art Decals

Islamic Wall Art Decals are increasingly becoming popular  for modern Muslim homes. Check out some wonderful Islamic decals from Simply Impressions. They come in all shapes and sizes and can fit any budget. They will make a great hostess gift especially if someone has moved into a new home recently.

Islamic Wall Art Decal as Ramadan Hostess Gift

Luxury Bath Products

After all the hard work during Ramadan your hostess will love to pamper herself with some handcrafted natural soaps and bath and body products. You can find some great bath and body gift sets at Be-Licious! Handcrafted Soap and Body Care.


Natural Bath and Body Products from Be-Licious as Ramadan Hostess Gift

 Islamic Calligraphy Art

If your hostess is an art lover she will appreciate these handmade Islamic calligraphy art canvases and greeting cards from The Reminder Series by Hafsa Khizer

Islamic Calligraphy Art as Ramadan Hostess Gift

Hand-painted Mason Jars

These hand –painted mason jars from HartsHennaArtistry can be used as a candle holder, desktop organizer (perfect for pens, pencils, paper clips) or as a decorative piece on their own.

Mason Jars as Ramadan Hostess Gift

 Personalized Coasters

I am a big fan of personalized gifts. You can get personalized coasters from SoneArt with names of the recipient’s family and your own message.

Personalized Coasters as Ramadan Hostess Gift

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