Low-Fat, Creamy Chicken Curry: My Guest Post for Ainy Cooks

It was indeed an honour for me when Ainy of Ainy Cooks requested me to write a guest post for her lovely blog . I decided to share this Low-fat, Creamy Chicken Curry which has become my go-to recipe for Chicken Curry lately.
Low-Fat, Creamy Chicken Curry recipe
Low- fat and creamy might sound like an oxymoron but the fact is that it’s indeed possible to attain a rich tasting, smooth gravy without using ingredients like cream, butter, nuts or coconut. This recipe uses low-fat yogurt and caramelised onions for the gravy.The key to attaining the rich taste in this recipe lies in taking the time to caramelise the onions properly while ensuring that they do not get burnt. I prefer to use low-fat yogurt but you can of course, use full fat yogurt for a creamier texture. I add a small amount of cornstarch since low-fat yogurt has a higher tendency of curdling during cooking.

Spices for Low-Fat, Creamy Chicken Curry

Apart from the fact that this recipe is much lower in fat and calories than traditional rich curries like Butter Chicken or Chicken Korma, it is also different because it mostly uses whole spices rather than powdered ones. You can sprinkle a bit of powdered garam masala towards the end if you prefer, though it is not necessary.

Low-Fat, Creamy Chicken Curry recipe

Please head over to Ainy’s blog for the complete recipe. You will also discover many more interesting recipes while you are there.

7 comments on “Low-Fat, Creamy Chicken Curry: My Guest Post for Ainy Cooks

  1. I love your idea of adding a little bit of cornstarch to combat curdling! I’ve never heard of that! Lovely chicken, by the way 🙂

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