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Have you ever had a steaming hot bagel made right in front of your eyes ? If you are not a bagel lover ( like I was until recently ), chances are you have not had one. I had eaten some decent bagels at breakfast buffets and coffee joints but I was truly delighted to discover this place near my daughters’ school. It’s  a modest little place but serves some of the best bagels in Mississauga.
Fresh bagels at What a Great BAgel
Many people confuse it to be part of the What a Bagel chain but the fact is that What a Bagel does not have any location in Mississauga. This one is owned by a European family and is located at 1310 Dundas Street E, Mississauga ON L4Y.


What a Great Bagel, Mississauga, Ontario
We prefer to go there early in the morning after dropping off the girls to school because that’s the time when the bagels are being made fresh and you can choose from their range of plain, whole wheat, multi-grain, olive and pepper, pumpernickel, cinnamon raisin, cheese, onion, poppy and everything bagels to name a few. Sometimes, we drop in there after picking up the girls from school and have found out that most of the varieties are sold out by then.
Bagel Varieties at What a Great Bagel
At $3 for half a dozen , $5 for a dozen and $0.60 for a single fresh bagel, I find the bagels to be quite reasonably priced . If you are on a budget, you can check out the packed bagels near the entrance. They are priced at about $1 for half a dozen since they are a day or two old . I have tried them and find them still better than the dense, dry bagels sold at grocery stores for more than double the price.
Apart from bagels, they also sell other baked goods such as bourekas, strudels, muffins, danishes, tarts and cookies along with European chocolates. There are a few stools for those who would like to have their bagels or other baked goods along with coffee in the premises.
Pastries at What a Great Bagel
My personal favorite is their pumpernickel bagels. Also, to enjoy the bagels to the fullest don’t forget to buy the Western Cream cheese that they sell in the refrigerator section. It’s available in regular, light and green onion versions. I love the green onion flavor and  find that it goes well with most of the bagels except for cinnamon raisin bagels.
The lady who serves in the morning is quite friendly and courteous though I cannot say the same for the afternoon staff. So, their customer service is one area where they can improve upon but overall, I would definitely recommend this place if you are in the area.
Bagels and Cream Cheese

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  1. Back when I was in Thorncliffe there was a great bagel place that made their own fresh bagels on premises…but they closed down. I have to say those were the best bagels I’ve had..nothing beats freshly made! If I’m in Mississauga will have to check What A Great Bagel out! Thanks for the review!

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