Chocolate Making Workshop at Chocolate Tales

Who doesn’t love chocolates ? It’s hard for me to resist anything made with chocolates. Last weekend was definitely a sweet treat for me as I got a chance to attend the Classic Chocolate Making Workshop by Chocolate Tales, a Chocolate making event company that conducts workshops across the GTA ( Greater Toronto Area ) and  a few other locations in Ontario.
Chocolate Making Workshop at Chocolate Tales

I took the class along with my sister in law at the historic St. Lawrence Market in downtown Toronto. It was hosted by “Cocoa” Kelly who started off with a brief history of chocolate and then went on to demonstrate how to melt and temper chocolate.  As Kelly explained the difference between compound and couverture chocolate, we learnt that most chocolate bars are not the real thing.

 Then came the eagerly awaited taste testing part as we got to taste three samples of the decadent Belgian chocolate ganache that Kelly had just prepared , each one subtly spiced with cinnamon, ground ginger and chili. Everyone at my table unanimously agreed that the one spiced with chili was the most interesting.
After the tasting session it was time to get interactive as we got to dip marshmallows in tempered chocolate and decorated choco lava cakes. My favorite part was making chocolate truffles, something which I had been planning to do for quite some time.
Choco Lava Cakes at Chocolate Tales
In between the decorating session we got to sample some more chocolate . This time it was two samples of Extra-Bitter Dark Chocolate – one from Costa Rica and another from Peru, each with a distinct taste.
All the chocolate making supplies and tools including the dipping forks, plastic aprons and gloves were provided by Chocolate Tales.
Chocolate Making Workshop at Chocolate Tales
I was glad to know that all their products (except marshmallows) are free of animal ingredients ( except dairy) and alcohol and are thus halal. They are also certified nut-free and kosher. The recipe card that we received mentioned alcohol as one of the ingredients for the choco lava cakes but Cocoa Kelly assured us that alcohol was not used for the ones that we decorated in the class.
At the end of the workshop we got some polka dotted plastic bags, ribbons and boxes to take our creations home. Our milk chocolate bonbons, truffles and choco lava cakes surely looked ( and tasted ) as if they came from some gourmet chocolate store.
Chocolate Making Workshop at Chocolate Tales
The workshop lasted for 90 minutes but it went by quickly as Cocoa Kelly kept us enthralled with her friendly and lively demeanor. Even with so much going on, she was kind enough to answer  our queries patiently.
 Overall, it was an evening well spent. Apart from learning about chocolate , it’s also a good way to spend some quality time with family or friends. I noticed that most of the guests had come with a friend or family member, some of them with kids.
If you are planning to attend one of their workshops, I would recommend you to keep an eye on discount websites such as Groupon  as they often come up with great deals for Chocolate Tales workshops.
I am looking forward to purchase some pure origin Belgian chocolate from their online store to make  chocolate truffles at home.
To know more about the different kinds of workshops conducted by Chocolate Tales , you can visit their website . You can also follow them on FaceBook or Twitter.
Disclaimer: I received a complimentary workshop from Chocolate Tales. However, the views and opinions expressed are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for my views.

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  1. I have had these chocolates and some might say I am bias but let me tell you, I crave this chocolate where I don’t others. I have never been a real chocolate eater until now. yummy

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