Win a copy of The Petit Four Cookbook : US and Canada Giveaway

Petit fours are bite-sized French treats containing delicate layers of moist cake, buttercream and marzipan, coated in decadent chocolate. The Petit Four Cookbook teaches you how to make these adorable treats with step by step instructions and mouth-watering photos. It includes several recipes for cakes, syrups and fillings along with assembling and decorating instructions to make petit fours for different occasions such as weddings, children’s parties, tea parties etc.

Petit Fours are time consuming and this book recommends spreading out the preparation over two days. It also gives suggestions for those items which can be made much ahead . Even though the multiple steps look a bit challenging to me,  I am looking forward to try them for one of my tea parties. Even when I am not making petit fours, I think the recipes for cakes, syrups and fillings in exciting flavors such as orange, raspberry, lemon, coconut and chocolate will definitely come handy during my baking adventures.

Quick facts about the book:
Title: The Petit Four Cookbook ( Hardcover)
Author: Brooks Coulson Nguyen
Publishers: Ulysses Press
Price : US$19.95 CAN$20.95
Where to buy: Amazon or bookstores such as Barnes & Nobles

If you reside in US or Canada and love to try elegant desserts , here’s your chance to win a copy of The Petit Four Cookbook, courtesy of Ulysses Press. You can enter the giveaway through the PunchTab widget below :

The Giveaway has ended and the winner has been notified through email.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of the book free of charge. However, the views and opinions exressed are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for my views. The giveaway copy is also sponsored by Ulysses Press.

23 comments on “Win a copy of The Petit Four Cookbook : US and Canada Giveaway

  1. I live in Canada and love professionally made petit fours. My one experience making them didn’t go so well, so I’d love some detailed instructions!

  2. What a great giveaway. Petit fours look so elegant and dainty! I have been meaning to try them.
    I am in Texas USA, is the giveaway open for USA residents?

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