Starting from Scratch : Book Review

Starting from Scratch is not a cookbook but it is a joyful exploration of the science, culture and practices surrounding food.  Best selling Toronto based food journalist Sarah Elton ( author of Consumed and Locavore )  has written this book with kids in mind but it is also an interesting conversation starter for food lovers of all ages.

Quick facts about the book:
Title: Starting from Scratch : What you should know about food and cooking ( Hardcover)
Author: Sarah Elton
Release Date: March 15 , 2014
Publishers: OwlKids Books
Price : US$18.95 CAN$19.95
Where to buy: Amazon or bookstores such as Barnes & Nobles

With fun and colorful illustrations by Jeff Kulak, Starting from Scratch demystifies food and cooking by boiling it down to the basics. Children will be able to make sense of recipes, measure and substitute ingredients, stock a pantry and budget for a trip to the grocery store. They will also learn about where their food comes from and the variety of flavors that are there to explore.
Excerpt from Starting from Scratch
Even though it’s not a recipe book , Starting from Scratch offers some basic recipes like Quick and Simple Pasta Sauce, Yummy Lentil Soup, Never- Buy – Cereal again Granola and Outside-the-box Oatmeal Cookies to show kids how common supermarket staples can easily be made from scratch at home , encouraging them to eat healthier and save money at the same time.
My favorite part of the book was the cultural aspect of food. For instance, the book talks about how differently tables are set up for meals in the western world, Japan, Ethiopia and India. It also talks about how cultural, religious and political beliefs shape what we eat.
I would definitely recommend this book to kids 10 years and older as well as anyone who wants to know how and why food works.
Disclaimer: I received an advanced review copy of this book free of charge. However, I was under no obligation to feature it on my blog or write a positive review. I did not receive any other compensation for expressing my views .

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