Maple Syrup Festival at Bronte Creek Park

Did you know that it takes about 40 litres of sap to produce one litre of maple syrup ? Or the fact that North America is the only place that has both the sugar maple tree and the proper weather required to produce maple syrup ? These were just some of the facts that I learnt during the Maple Syrup Festival at Bronte Creek Park – a much loved Canadian springtime tradition .

We braved the windchill, snow and slush ( yes,we call this spring in Canada ) as tour guides dressed up in Late Victorian Era ( 1890s ) costumes demonstrated how maple trees are tapped to make maple syrup and maple sugar.

Sap collection from maple trees for making maple syrup
Sap Collection

Maple Sugar Being Made in a Victorian style kitchen
Maple sugar being made in a Victorian style kitchen
Maple sugar being made from sap

We also learnt that all maple syrups are not the same.

Maple Syrup Grades
Maple Syrup Grades

The Gift Shop and the Candy Shanty had lots of maple goodies like taffy, maple fudge, maple cream  cookies, maple mustard, maple jelly and of course, maple syrup.

Maple Candies at Bronte Creek
Maple Candies
Maple Syrup for sale at Bronte Creek
Maple Syrup

Maple Lollies are a must-have for Sofia and Aisha at every Maple Syrup Festival.

Enjoying Maple Lolly
Aisha enjoying Maple Lolly

Another enjoyable part of the park was the Victorian Farmhouse where we got a glimpse of life in the 1890s and learnt interesting tidbits .

Victorian Farmhouse at Bronte Creek
Victorian Farmhouse

All the walking and fresh air made us hungry and we decided to take the wagon ride to the Pancake House to have some warm pancakes with maple syrup.

Pancakes with maple syrup
Pancakes with maple syrup

After more than three hours the girls had still not had enough and asked us to take them to the children’s barn at the other end of the park’s day area where they spent another half an hour . Overall, it was a great experience for the entire family , worth going year after year.

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