Mickey and Minnie Oreos

I hope all my Canadian friends had an enjoyable long weekend with their families. For me and my family a major part of our long weekend was spent in planning out our #DisneySide @Home celebration. After all , planning is half the fun for a party.

My girls and I had fun making these Mickey and Minnie Oreos for our party . We had originally intended to make them into Oreo Pops but found that our cookie sticks were a bit too thick for Oreos , so we skipped that part. At one point, I was also contemplating about dipping half the Oreos into red candy melts but then decided against it because as it is I find Oreos a bit too sweet. With all the sweet treats that I have in mind for the party, I don’t want the little guests to have their sugar rush with just the Oreos .

Mickey and Minnie Oreos

These Mickey and Minnie Oreos require just four ingredients. I used red and yellow icing tubes since I will be doing a Mickey and Minnie Clubhouse themed party. Perhaps, red and white polka dots would have been more appropriate but I did not have any white cookie icing at hand, so I went with the yellow.You may choose pink and white if you are doing a Minnie’s Bowtique theme. Use your creativity to dress them up as you wish. Here are the basic ingredients and method.

Mickey and Minnie Oreos

Ingredients: ( For 20 Mickey/ Minnie heads)
Double Stuffed Oreos – 20 plus a few extra n case some of them break
Mini Oreos – 20 plus a few extra
Chocolate chips – half cup
Icing Writer tubes or royal icing

1) Gently twist each Mini Oreo and  separate them.
2) Scrape off the white frosting with a butter knife.
3) Gently twist each regular sized Oreo and separate the two halves.
4) Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave or in a double boiler. Be careful not to burn the chocolate.
5) Dip the bottom part of each Mini Oreo into the melted chocolate and place on the white frosting of  separated Oreo to make Mickey’s ears.
6) Carefully replace the other half of the Oreo.
7) For Minnie make a bow between the ears with the icing . Decorate as desired and let icing dry before stacking and storing in an air tight container.


  • If you are finding it hard to separate the Oreos or stick the “ears” , put the Oreos in the microwave and defrost them for few seconds ( about 20 seconds for 5-6 regular sized  Oreos ). This will soften the frosting.
  • If your polka dots form peaks use a toothpick to press them down.
Step by step pictures for making Mickey and Minnie Oreos
Mickey and Minnie Oreos

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