Round Up of Virtual Eid Potluck Party 2013

A big thank you to everyone who joined in my Virtual Eid Potluck Party this year. I’m extremely sorry for the delay in posting the round up but better late than never, so here it is.The award for Maximum number of entries (12) goes to :
Nawal Althuaf of Love from Kitchen
Eid Potluck Party


The award for Best presented Dish goes to:
Shazia Wahid of Cutchi Kitchen for her Pistachio Cream Shots with Biscotti



Eid Potluck Party


The award for Most Popular Dish (based on number of clicks) jointly goes to :
Sanoli Ghosh of  Sanoli’s Kitchen for her Cashew Chicken
Razina Javed of RaaaZzzfoodlove for her China Grass Pudding

Eid Potluck Party recipes

I would like to thank all my dear blogger guests for joining my Virtual Eid Potluck Party. Please accept this token of appreciation.



Here are all the delicious entries:
Appetizers,  Soups and Drinks
Rich Creamy Tomato Soup from Sanoli’s Kitchen
Spaghetti Chicken Roll from Love from Kitchen
Watermelon Shake from Love from Kitchen
Panineer Petti from Love from Kitchen
Prawns Stuffed Orooty / Kinnathoroty /Ithilorootty from Love from Kitchen
Pathiri / Orootty from Love from Kitchen
Capsicum Bread Pola from Love From Kitchen
Masala Cake from Love from Kitchen
Meat Surprise from Love from Kitchen
Bird’s Nest from Love from Kitchen
Potato Bonda by Fasna Noushad
Chicken Samosa by Fasna Noushad
Kannu Vecha Pathiri by Fasna Noushad
Unnakai from Love from Kitchen
Mini Paneer Stuffed Pie from Santosh’s Kitchen
Fish Rolls from Cuisine Delights
Kifli – Hungarian Pastry from Sanoli’s Kitchen
Devilish Eggs from Sanoli’s Kitchen
Eid Party appetizer, snack, drinks recipes

Main Course
Cashew Chicken from Sanoli’s Kitchen
Chicken Biryani from Raaazzzfoodlove
Mutton Chops from Raaazzzfoodlove
Mutton Biryani from Raaazzzfoodlove
Peppery Chicken Rice from Manjuz Kitchen
Gatte Ki Sabzi from Sanoli’s Kitchen
Curd Rice from Yashodha’s Kitchen
Thai Egg Fried Rice from Yashodha’s Kitchen
Veg Manchurian from Maayeka
Ilish Macher Matha Diye Kochu Shak from Sanoli’s Kitchen
Chicken Tomato from Sanoli’s Kitchen
Cheesy Green Beans from Sanoli’s Kitchen
Spicy Coriander Chicken Curry from Manjuz Kitchen

Eid party biryani, curry, main course recipes


China Grass Pudding from Raaazzzfoodlove
Kala Jamun from Raazzzfoodlove
Rice Kheer from Raazzzfoodlove
Pistachio Cream Shots with Biscotti from Cutchi Kitchen
Semolina Payasam from Love from Kitchen
Mango Pudding from Love from Kitchen
Khajoor Rolls from Zaiqa
Vanilla Choco Chip Muffins from Sanoli’s Kitchen
Daria Dal Laddoos from Manju’z Kitchen
Coconut Milk Pudding by Fasna Noushad
Fruit Salad by Fasna Noushad
Pazham Nirachath by Fasna Noushad
Paal Pizhinjathu from The Big Sweet Tooth
Shahi Tukda from Raazzzfoodlove
Sheer Khurma from Raazzzfoodlove
Moon Dal Payasam  from Santosh’s Kitchen
Apple Pie from Santosh’s Kitchen
Sheer Khurma from Bon Appetit
Almond Pistachio Mini Kulfis from Yashodha’s Kitchen
Eggless Cake with Poppy, sesame and Flaxseeds from Kitchen Karma

Eid party dessert recipes

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  1. Hello Sadaf! I am so so glad! Thank you for all the appreciation 🙂

    It is your efforts and the platform you offered to us to showcase our recipes and blogs. Thank you so much for the opportunity! I am really honored 🙂

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