Cylindra Spice Rack by Umbra

A few months ago when I moved from my tiny condo to a fully detached house one of the things that I looked forward to was more counter space in the kitchen so that I could buy kitchenware to my heart’s content . However, I soon found out that no matter how big a kitchen is, we need to use counter space wisely to avoid clutter and focus on cooking. Space saving kitchenware such as the Cylindra Spice Rack from Umbra are designed keeping in view the need to keep things organised in limited spaces.

Cylindra is a modular spice rack that can be freely placed on a counter, in a drawer or mounted on a wall. Each set contains 6 containers on a rack. A movable band in the middle has two openings to sprinkle as much or as little spice as you want.  The set contains 12 blank round labels and 12 blank rectangular labels to write the names of the spices on the containers . It also includes hardware to mount the rack on the wall.


Review of space saving Cylindra Spice Rack by Umbra
Two sets of  Cylindra Spice Rack

I mostly do Indian cooking which requires a lot of spices. There are 5-6 spices that are used in spoonfuls for most Indian dishes. I prefer to keep these in glass jars in my overhead kitchen cabinet but for spices that I use in smaller quantities I have a spice rack on my counter. Now, I’m glad that I can mount the Cylindra spice rack on my kitchen wall to free up some counter space. The wide mouthed containers make it easy to load the spices without creating a mess. It’s also nice to know that the containers are top rack dishwasher safe.


Cylindra Spice Rack by Umbra


One thing that I feel can be improved in the design is to add some sort of plastic cover over the area where the labels will be attached to the containers. This will prevent them from getting wet when the containers are washed.

The Cylindra Spice Rack can be purchased on , Amazon, eBay and Umbra retail locations.


Disclaimer: I received a free sample of the product for review. However, the views expressed are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for this review.

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