Ramadan Mubarak : Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed

We are indeed fortunate to be able to witness another Ramadan – a month of blessings, forgiveness and

Ramadan Mubarak Cake

guidance. From my family to yours – Ramadan Mubarak. May Allah make this a blessed Ramadan and find us better at the end of the month than the beginning.

With soaring temperatures and daylight lasting for around 16-17 hours here in Canada and many other parts of the world, it’s more important than ever to take care of our health to be able to reap the immense benefits of this month. Here a few important reminders to myself and for all of you :
1) Eat a hearty and healthy suhoor : A well balanced suhoor with lots of fiber and protein gives us the necessary energy to help us stay active throughout the day. Avoid oily foods during suhoor as they make you feel thirsty during the day. It’s best to keep suhoor simple with healthy breakfast dishes such as oatmeal porridge, whole wheat bagels with cream cheese, omelettes, yogurt etc.

2) Eat lots of fruits : At iftar time fruits provide a refreshing burst of energy. I make sure to include fruits in

Fruit Platter for Ramadan Iftar

some form on my iftar table. The same old fruit platter can get boring, so you might consider making fruit kabobs , fruit basket, fruit salad , smoothies or juices.

3) Stay hydrated : Whether we are fasting or not, our bodies need 8 – 10 glasses of water every day. Make sure to drink lots of water during the hours that you are not fasting. Avoid caffeine and soda which have a dehydrating effect.
4) Avoid spicy and oily foods: Unfortunately, most traditional iftar delicacies like samosas, pakoras, spring rolls etc are deep fried ones. While it’s hard to stay away from these completely, try and consume them in moderation. Try and find healthier alternatives such as baked pies, stuffed buns etc. Too much oily food wreaks havoc on the digestive system after a day of fasting and makes us feel lethargic during taraweeh prayers.

5) Make dates a part of your diet : Eating dates is a sunnah. They are a powerhouse of energy, fiber, iron

and other important nutrients. Most of us break our fast with dates but few of us realize that they are also recommended for suhoor. If by chance you end up waking up late for suhoor, just grab an odd number of dates ( according to sunnah ) along with a glass of water to last you throughout the day.

6) Take multivitamins: Sometimes, in spite of our best efforts we are unable to eat a well balanced meal during Ramadan. Thus, taking a multivitamin supplement might be a good idea to stay healthy.

Please share your tips for a healthy and happy Ramadan in the comments section below.

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