Hoo-Rag Chef Bandanas: Product Review

While cooking isn’t it absolutely annoying to get hair in your eyes or even worse – in your food  ? That’s one of the reasons most professional chefs are required to wear some kind of head covering in their kitchens. The traditional white toque/chef hat which used to be the symbol of the culinary world is slowly giving way to other trendy and practical alternatives like bandanas.
Hoo-Rag makes seamless bandanas in soft, light weight, moisture wicking cotton-polyester blended micro – fiber fabric that can be worn in many ways and can serve many purposes.

Here are some of the many ways that you can wear them in the kitchen, during a workout / facial or outdoors to shield you from the elements:

There are lots of styles for guys too on their website. It took me some time to figure out how to wear it in different ways and the video on the site definitely helped. I  realized that I could also wear it as an under cap/bonnet beneath my hijab (headscarf worn by Muslim females) .
Hoo-Rags are available in a wide variety of  colors and patterns, for guys as well as gals. This was the print that was sent to me as a sample for review:
This one looks more appropriate for a guy though there are girly prints and colors too on their website. I would love to see some more girly prints added to their chef bandana category.
Disclaimer: I was sent a free sample of the product for review on my blog. However, I was not under any obligation to post a positive review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my views.

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