Simple fondant cake for Sofia’s Graduation

Last week my elder daughter Sofia “graduated” from Sr. Kindergarten and will be starting grade school in September, inshallah (if God wills). Intially, I found it a bit amusing when I heard that there’s going to be a formal “Graduation” ceremony for the little ones. During my time, graduation was a once in a lifetime event. Now I find that here in North America (mostly in private schools) there are Graduation ceremonies for kindergarten, elementary school, secondary school and high school. In fact I have heard that in some schools there are graduation ceremonies after each the end of each grade !

Simple fondant cake
Simple fondant cake

There was a potluck party after the graduation ceremony and it gave me the perfect excuse to practise my fondant skills. It’s been a while since I took the Wilton Gumpaste and Fondant Classes but I hardly get an opportunity to practise fondant cakes since my husband hates the sight of fondant.Have a look at some of the stuff that I purchased for my Wilton Gumpaste and Fondant classes which has been lying unused ever since:

Fondant and gumpaste cake decorating tools for Wilton Fondant and Gumpaste classes
Fondant and gumpaste tools

 To be honest, even I find myself marvelling at all those satin smooth, elegant fondant cakes but when it comes to taste I feel that it’s simply sugary clay.  However, since kids usually love sugary stuff and this was a formal occasion I felt that a fondant cake would be appropriate.

Simple Fondant Cake
Simple fondant cake

I wanted it to be more colourful since it was for a kids’ party but unfortunately I ran out of fondant at the last moment , so I had to do with whatever fondant I had already coloured . It’s a four layer vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. This time I used the Satin Ice rolled fondant which I found better and much less expensive than Wilton which I had used for my classes.

While addressing the gathering the former Principal of the school  had tears in his eyes as he spoke about the joys of parenting and watching our kids achieve new heights of success.It was definitely a proud and emotional moment for all of us as our little ones walked up to the stage in their cute little graduation gowns and hats to receive their certificates . 

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  1. Lovely cake – the colours are beautiful. I agree that sometimes fondant doesn’t taste the best. Thanks so much for joining in with Cake of the Week – the graduation ceremony looks too cute!

  2. Mubarak on your daughter’s graduation to Grade 1!! My son is also going into Gr 1. He goes also goes to an Islamic school here in the east end but they did not have any graduation ceremony.

    I’ve been wanting to try to make a fondant cake for a long time but honestly just don’t seem to have the time with 2 little ones. Your cake is perfectly done!

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