1-2-3 Mango Ice Cream

During my high school days I had taken an Ice Cream making course and used to take pride in my homemade  vanilla, chocolate and butterscotch ice creams to name a few. Those were the days when my culinary adventures were limited to the occasional cake or ice cream. The daily dal-chawal-roti routine was taken care of by the servants or by Mom. Marriage, motherhood and life in the west sans domestic help changed all of that. Homemade ice cream became a far fetched thought . The time and effort required to gather so many ingredients, make the custard base ,blend, freeze and refreeze the ice cream just didn’t seem worth it especially since there are so many varieties of ice creams available at each and every supermarket.
Then one day a couple of years ago,  I came across this incredibly easy mango ice cream on Show me the Curry. All it required was 3 ingredients and just 3 easy steps – mix,freeze and serve. That’s why I have named it my 1-2-3 mango ice cream 🙂 The best part was that it didn’t require an ice cream maker which I don’t have. The purist in me cringed for a moment at the mention of Cool Whip (non dairy whipped topping) in the ingredient list but I wasn’t sure how it would turn out with real whipped cream so I decided to go ahead with it. It turned out really nice and creamy, almost as good  if not better than store bought mango ice creams, if I can dare to say myself.
Recently, blogosphere has been abuzz with stories about the advent of summer and great mango recipes. Here, in this part of the world we are still enjoying spring with temperatures dropping to 4-5 degrees C at night. However, all the wonderful posts reminded me of this mango ice cream and I decided to make it again yesterday. The only somewhat confusing part was the measurements of the ingredients. I didn’t remember how I managed the conversions last time.Here in Canada Cool Whip is sold by volume (in 1 L tubs) rather than by weight as in the US. The recipe called for an 8 oz tub , so I had to pull out my weighing scale and figured out that I would have to use 3/4 of the 1L tub which is equal to 12 oz by weight. It was the same case with condensed milk too. I figured out that the 300 ml can is almost equivalent to the 14 oz (by weight) can in terms of volume .
So here goes the recipe:
1 30 oz/850 grams can sweetened mango puree (available at South Asian grocery stores)
1 14 oz can (300 ml) sweetened condensed milk
8 oz Cool Whip (3/4 of 1L tub)
1) Mix the mango puree and condensed milk in a large mixing bowl. Gently fold in the thawed Cool Whip completely into the mixture.
2) Freeze in a tightly covered container until firm.
3) Scoop and enjoy.
When the ice cream is half set (after about a couple of hours) you can also stir in chopped mango bits or nuts into it and freeze till set completely. You can also add a dash of cardamom powder and chopped pistachios for a kulfi-like flavour.
This ice cream is as sweet as the store bought ones. Next time I’m thinking of reducing the condensed milk by 1/4 cup to cut down on the sweetness a bit. Hopefully the creamy texture will still remain. I’m also planning to try a modified version of this recipe which includes real whipped cream, instead of Cool Whip and freshly pureed fruits instead of canned ones. So if you are prepared to add a couple of extra steps to the above recipe, stay tuned. I must add though, sometimes quick fix desserts like this one are perfect for those lazy days or when you are really pressed for time. You can still call it homemade and accept the accolades graciously 🙂 It’s hard for others to guess that it’s as simple as 1-2-3
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36 comments on “1-2-3 Mango Ice Cream

  1. this looks very simple. I may try it with a whipped cream and just see what happens- or not. I love how the consistency looks. What is so funny to me is how the restaurants charge a small fortune for a little more than a single scoop of mango icecream. Now we can enjoy it at home very cheaply! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for hosting the wonderful event. Do let me know whether you and your little one enjoyed the ice cream or not. You can also share a pic of your creation and I will be glad to feature it on the Members’ Pics section of my blog and my Facebook Page.

  3. Thanks. I wish I had the butterscotch recipe with me but unfortunately that recipe diary is languishing in some corner in my Mom’s home in India. If I manage to get hold of it I shall definitely share it inshallah.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Sarah. Do let me how your ice cream turned out. You can also share a pic of your creation and I will be glad to feature it on the Members’ Pics section of my blog and my Facebook Page.

  5. Thanks Neha. Do let me know whether you enjoyed the ice cream or not. You can also share a pic of your creation and I will be glad to feature it on the Members’ Pics section of my blog and my Facebook Page.

  6. I see a lot of American blogs with recipes that I would love to try but they require conversions since we have different size tins 🙁 I believe 8 oz of cool whip is 3 cups.

    Love this recipe and I think I have all the ingredients!!! Will be trying it out soon!

  7. Jazakallah Khair Akheela. Whenever you try it do let me know your feedback. You can also share a pic of your creation if you like. I would be more than glad to feature it on the Members’ Pics section of my blog and my facebook Page with a link to your blog.

  8. Jazakallah Khair Asiya. Yes, 8 oz Cool Whip is equal to 3 cups (3/4 of the 1L tub that we get here). Whenever you try it do let me know your feedback. You can also share a pic of your creation if you like. I would be more than glad to feature it on the Members’ Pics section of my blog and my Facebook Page with a link to your blog.

  9. Asalamualaykum Sadaf,

    I had pinned this recipe on Pinterest. Today I was going to give it a try and when I clicked on the Pin it said that your website was reported as being spam. Not sure if you are active on Pinterest but wanted to let you know. People won’t be able to pin your pics and those that already have cannot come to your website through their pin.

    Hope you are having a great long weekend!

  10. Waleykumassalam Asiya, Thanks for bringing this to my notice. I have been too busy with my new abaya venture, so have been guilty of neglecting my blog. I haven’t really checked out Pinterest yet but with it’s growing popularity I shall definitely do that and try to resolve the issue once I figure it out. I hope you are also enjoying the long weekend with your family.

  11. Made this over the weekend and turned out great! I used my ice cream maker and use 95% fat free cool whip and low fat condensed milk. I believe that made it sweeter. Next time I would use the regular ones. Reminded me of the mango ice cream they serve at weddings. Inshallah will take a picture tomorrow!

    I wanted to ask you if you sell anything else besides abayas…specifically shalwaar khameez. I have a hard time finding “Halal” suits.

  12. Thanks for your feedback Asiya.I’m glad you liked it. Regarding the sweetness, I don’t think low fat Cool Whip or condensed milk would make a difference to the sweetness. Maybe next time you could try reducing the condensed milk , if you prefer it less sweet. I have also heard of people successfully substituting real whipped cream (unsweetened) in place of Cool Whip, without even requring an ice cream maker. You might try that too to cut down the sweetness. I’m looking forward to the pic. I’m sure you will make it look good.
    At present I’m only dealing with what I like to call contemporary abayas and jilbabs. My website is’nt up and running yet but you can check out my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/chosenpath, if you or any of your friends/relatives are looking for modest and comfortable Islamic clothing.

  13. I have a healthier mango ice cream recipe still only 3 ingredients or two if you don’t want to use stevia

    Frozen mango chunks
    coconut milk
    couple drops of stevia (optional)

    Blend until smooth and creamy looking 😀

    no real measurements just add as many chunks as you want and a little coconut milk at first add more if needed and then a few drop of stevia if you want it to be a little sweeter it’s sooooo good too, not ice cream texture but still awesome and A LOT healthier than actual ice cream and no offense but it’s healthier than cool whip and dairy products and extra sweetened mango (that recipe just screams too much sugar to me)… If I had to guess (I’m bad at eyeballing so I could be wrong) I’d say I usually do about 1/2-1 cup mango and 1/4-1/3 cup coconut milk and like 4 drops of stevia, but like I said I’m bad at eye balling lol so just do it until it looks good to you 🙂

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