Gluten Free Baking Products from McCormick Club House

A few years ago when my elder daughter Sofia was put on a gluten-free diet for her eczema, I realized how difficult it can be especially during the holiday season when everyone around seems to be indulging  in their favourite baked goods. Even though she is no longer on a gluten free diet I thought […]

Cake Baking and Decorating Basics Series – Right Ingredients

“The supreme magic of cake baking is the metamorphosis of relatively ordinary ingredients into exquisitely textured and flavorful visions of delight. A well crafted recipe is essential, following the instructions advisable,but the quality of the ingredients makes the difference between good and sublime.” – Berenbaum, Rose.Rose’s Heavenly Cakes.John Wiley and Sons, Inc.2009.p.436     Here are the […]

Pyrex Measuring Cup

Cake Baking and Decorating Basics Series – Right Equipments

Although I have been baking or watching my mother bake ever since I can remember , it was only during the last couple of years that I started taking it passionately and began to understand it’s nuances. During this period I devoured every cookbook/website/blog that I could find on this subject and started experimenting. I’m lucky […]