Quick and Easy Strawberry Trifle recipe

Shortcut Strawberry Trifle

Eid ul Adha was last Sunday but since we got the sacrificial meat from the butcher on Monday, we held our Eid party yesterday. The menu consisted of traditional Indian meat dishes like mutton korma, bihari kabab, mutton chops, shami kababs,chicken biryani, naans, raita and mediterranean salad. For dessert I wanted a traditional Indian dessert […]

Mango Tarts

Mango Tartlets

It’s hard to find someone with a South Asian background who doesn’t love sweet, juicy mangoes.In my opinion, mangoes are fittingly called the King of Fruits. Having grown up in India I miss the taste of Asian mangoes here in Canada. Mangoes were the best part of the scorching summer during my childhood days.The imported ones lack the flavor that […]

Chocolate dipped strawberries

When it comes to strawberries my husband and I love strawberry flavored desserts, ice creams, jams,smoothies etc . I also love fresh strawberries as garnishes for desserts. I think they are the prettiest fruit on this planet. However, both of us don’t enjoy strawberries as a fruit. My daughters and sis in law love strawberries […]