Indian Cuisine Diabetes Cookbook by May Fridel

An Interview with May Abraham Fridel – Author of Indian Cuisine Diabetes Cookbook

I had received a review copy of  Indian Cuisine Diabetes Cookbook  sometime ago and had been wanting to go through it but my newborn  son was keeping me really busy which is why I had to keep postponing it. This book is of special interest to me since my father as well as my mother […]

Elementary School Graduation Party

Elementary School Graduation Party

My elder daughter Sofia graduated from elementary school while my niece Asma graduated from Kindergarten this year. My sister in law and I decided to invite their friends for a small graduation party. As someone who prefers homemade treats made from scratch, I was feeling guilty that my three month old son wouldn’t let me make […]

Halal Turkey and Thanksgiving dinner in Houston

Top 7 Places in Houston for Halal Turkey

Updated on 11/12/2018: After receiving numerous queries, I have updated the details in this post for Thanksgiving Day 2018 for the benefit of my readers. My family does not celebrate Thanksgiving Day but my girls wanted to try some halal turkey this year. I decided to look for some options in the Greater Houston Area […]

2001 Fannin St, Houston, TX 77002

Halal Fried Chicken and Southern Sides at Louisiana Fried Chicken

  My kids had been searching for a good halal fried chicken joint ever since we moved to Houston last year. We finally found Louisiana Fried Chicken and Seafood in downtown Houston (Fannin Street) which not only serves great Cajun Fried Chicken but also a wide variety of authentic Southern dishes. I believe there are […]

Desi Style Pasta recipe

Chicken Keema Pasta

Pasta has got to be one of the easiest and most versatile dishes out there. Like many dishes from other cuisines, I gave it an Indian twist to come up with this Chicken Keema Pasta many years ago. Over the years this desi -style pasta has become a family favorite. The meat sauce is basically […]

Adpting a minimalist lifestyle

Less clutter, more peace of mind

I have never been a shopaholic or hoarder but recently I discovered The Minimalists and Marie “Konmari” Kondo who made me ponder deeper about my material possessions. We often confuse material possessions with bliss – more clothes, more shoes, loads of cosmetics, a house full of artifacts , a kitchen full of dishes all are […]

Non dairy coconut yogurt

Coconut Dream® Non-Dairy Yogurt Giveaway

I have been struggling with IBS issues ever since I had my gallbladder surgery six years ago. During the past couple of years it had gone into remission to some extent but ever since I moved to Houston a few months ago it seems to have flared up again. My family physician suggested a dairy […]